The future of Weather Intelligence
HD Rain has developed sophisticated weather measurement and forecasting models that combine high-definition observation and AI. With an unrivalled accuracy of 500 meters and 1 minute, we provide weather observations, forecasts and weather data certification.
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What HD Rain brings for you
HD Rain offers an advanced meteorological solution, exploiting innovative observation techniques, traditional observation networks and AI to guarantee superior data quality, enabling you to observe, monitor, forecast and certify all types of events with unrivalled accuracy.
Multi-parameter monitoring
Rain, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, wind, cyclone.
Real-time observations
In real time and with a minute-by-minute forecast up to 2 hours ahead, thanks to our high-performance machine learning algorithms.
Weather reports and warnings
Customizable, our alerts via the communication channel of your choice, to anticipate floods and wildfires.
HD & reliable data
State of the art AI modelisation for a 500m resolution with proven relialability
To meet your needs
Whether you need historical data, alerts, bulletins, real-time monitoring, forecasts or data certification, our solutions meet your needs.
HD Rain simplifies the access, processing and certification of weather data from public and private sources, enabling insurers to reduce their basic risk.
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Local authority & Government Agencies
HD Rain helps communities and government weather agencies to increase their knowledge of risk, through the installation of HD Rain sensors and its weather alerts and bulletins.
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By forecasting heavy rain, flooding and heatwaves via its alerts, HD Rain makes your operations more efficient.
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HD Rain helps agro-dealers and farmers to optimize harvest forecasts, with its alerts, seasonal reports and multi-parameter sensors.
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Already operating a network in 6 countries
Global map of HD Rain operations
Of French population covered by the HD Data
123 000 km2
With 500m weather data available
30 milliards
of data point available to train our AI models.
They trust us
Vaucluse Firefighters
The added value in the field is enormous. Thanks to these sensors, we'll have an incredibly precise idea of the risks everywhere in our department.
Lieutenant Colonel Philippe Chaussinand
Chef du Groupement de la Préparation Opérationnelle
Antibes city, FR
The accuracy needed for good forecasts is difficult to achieve with the current infrastructure. I'm an avid user of weather applications, and I'm impressed by what HD Rain has been able to develop.
Valérie Emphoux
Water management Direction
HD Rain data helps us refine crop forecasts. With a stand-alone system for weather surveys, HD Rain's product represents the future of weather survey equipment and solutions.
Jean-Luc Gue
Senior Cocoa Research Analyst and Traceability Coordinator
Sea-Invest Inc.
Rain is at the heart of our operations. Thanks to HD Rain alerts, we are informed of the start and end of rains, enabling us to reduce the risk of loss of our goods, and to organize pick-ups or shift changes for our workers.
Paul Dujardin
Technical Directeur
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