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Data certification
Whether it's about building trust around an opportunity or enhancing the impartiality of your triggers for parametric products, we certify all stations, coordinates, or weather models worldwide and assist you in identifying the best data sources for your insurance products.
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A Foolproof Methodology
We use a combination of public and private datasets that are stable and fraud-resistant for our certifications. We follow a meticulous process to ensure the utmost accuracy in our certifications.
Step 1
Visual and statistical quality control of primary data.
Step 2
Comparison of primary data with secondary data over multiple years.
Step 3
Detailed analysis of problematic days for the parameter to be certified.
Step 4
Reconstruction of time series in case of anomalies in primary data.
Step 5
Integration of various types of weather models with satellite and observational data.
Assignment of reliability scores for different weather operators.
Our teams of meteorologists, atmospheric science Ph.D. holders, hydro-meteorologists, and data scientists assist you in comparing and evaluating the reliability and consistency of various weather data sources for use in your insurance policies, thereby enhancing your clients' confidence.
They trust us
They use our services
In the insurance market for the past 5 years, we have been collaborating with the leading insurers, insurance brokers, and reinsurers in the industry.
Axa Climate
As a certification partner of Axa Climate, we have been collaborating since 2021 on various certifications in France and around the world! Thanks to this partnership, we have implemented an expedited certification method, allowing us to certify in just a few hours.
Descartes Underwriting
The first insurer to place their trust in us, our pioneering collaboration has paved the way for us to create new certification methodologies tailored to complex products, including in regions where meteorological data is scarce or less usable.