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Data Collection
Our weather sensors enable us not only to generate our own data, and also to compile and merge a wide range of traditional measurements from private and public sources.
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Our sensors
HD Rain is revolutionizing the world of weather with the deployment of the second generation of sensors, providing high-definition micro-meteorological data for improved information accessibility and resilience to climate events.
The solar panel recharges the batteries for up to 15 days without sunshine.
This system requires only annual preventive maintenance.
The sensor is equipped with 2 multi-operator 2G/4G SIM cards.
How it works?
This technology is based on detecting the attenuation of the electromagnetic signal from commercial telecommunication satellites. Our sensors provide data from a ground-based TV antenna up to the top of the troposphere. As a result, an HD Rain sensor network captures rain in 3D along an inclined line of approximately 5 km.
Step 1
HD Rain installs in 45 minutes on a roof or façade with a clear view to target a satellite. The sensor is directly connected to the dish and solar panel.
Step 3
Data is received on our servers, analyzed, and processed by two different algorithms, then transformed into real-time weather data, minute-by-minute forecasts up to 2 hours with a 500-meter accuracy.
Step 2
Data is automatically calibrated by our machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Rain, snow, or hail attenuate the signals captured by the dish.
Step 4
These data are then made available on our platform, through alerts or provided via an API, FTP file, or other visualization methods, according to your needs.
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Data Fusion
Our teams in atmospheric sciences, meteorology, and data science have been gathering and compiling thousands of data points from ground stations, satellite images, models, and meteorological products from both public and private operators for the past 5 years.
Satellite Images
HD Rain compiles over 200 daily weather parameters based on ERA5 data worldwide, available at a 0.25° x 0.25° pixel resolution since 1940.
Weather Forecast Models (WFM)
HD Rain continuously collects temperature data (900Pa, 800Pa, 700Pa, 600Pa), wind, and iso0 data from AROME and ARPEGE models since 2020.
Ground Observations
HD Rain gathers all available meteorological station data since 1873 from station networks such as Météo France, the World Meteorological Organization, and other national entities.