Data visualization
The future of weather is here at last: our pioneering application makes weather data visualization more accessible than ever by blending innovative and traditional data for enhanced accuracy and reliability.
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HD WeatherView, a unique visualization tool.
Whether you're an expert or not, our platform provides easy access to numerous weather parameters and innovative, industry-unique features with just a few clicks. These include 3D images and customizable accumulations.
Monitoring Rainfall Intensity and Accumulation
In real-time and with minute-by-minute forecasting, thanks to our highly efficient AI.
Intelligent Rainfall Forecasts
Up to 6 hours of forecasts through the fusion of HD Rain data with traditional weather models.
Monitoring Weather in HD
Temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation, and soon, snow, hail and wind.
3-D Visualization
To make risk understanding more accessible to everyone, including non-experts.
HD Data
Our technology features a 0.5 km grid, minute by minute.
A customable interface
Map backgrounds, cumulative displays, zones, and even scale colors – everything is customizable.
Access to Historical Data
Our extensive database allows you to review any past weather event.
Proven fiability
Through studies using refence data, including  Météo-France's
Our other Services
Originally designed to address the operational challenges of firefighters, our alerts and reports assist various industries lacking visibility on rain, flood, and forest fire risks, helping them stay prepared and informed!
HD Alerts
We notify you as soon as a meteorological threshold is exceeded, alerting you to current or upcoming conditions in one or more areas.
Customization of alert thresholds
Choice of reception channel (email, WhatsApp, Slack...)
Customization of monitored weather parameters
Choice of reception frequency
Selection of monitored areas
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HD Reports
We send you regular and scheduled reports on past, present, and future weather conditions.
Customization of parameters
Choice of reception frequency
Selection of monitored areas
Choice of the time period
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