The HD Team

Ruben Hallali CEO
Ruben Hallali, PhD
François Mercier CSO
François Mercier, PhD
Picture of Maxime the CTO, for the team description
Maxime Pawlak
Jordan Brajon Data Scientist
Jordan Brajon
Data Scientist
Camila Auvray Partnerships Manager
Camila Auvray
Head of Development
Mathieu Haage Web Developer
Mathieu Haage
Lead Dev
Maxime Turko Hydro-meteorologist
Maxime Turko, PhD
Joane Pouech Web Developer
Joane Pouech, PhD
Web Developer
Picture of  Lea Pastore, marketing manager, for the team description
Léa Pastore
Marketing Manager
Guillaume Trouche Web Developer
Guillaume Trouche
Web Developer
Anthony Mocaër Country Manager Ivory Coast
Anthony Mocaër
Country Manager Ivory Coast

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