Firefighters in front of a fire truck

Public safety

We have partnered in the South of France with firefighters to equip them with our infrastructure and provide precise and reliable information on weather conditions and events in those states. By accessing our web application 24/7, the forecast and risk prevention teams can better anticipate and deploy their operational response. To know more about this project, see the fire fighters' Gard department report (french).


Allianz France was unable to appropriately correlate claims with meteorological events and hence map risk zones. Our team offered its expertise and successfully linked data on reported flood claims and rain events allowing the financial and material impacts of natural disasters to be assessed and measured. In addition, our teams created real-time maps of rain accumulations and risks allowing Allianz France to tailor and target alerts on the areas of risk. Read the article about it in "Les Numériques" newspaper (french).

A man walking under the rain in Antibes
Cocoa bean in Ivory Coast


Touton is a commodity trading company. Their goal is to optimize the harvest and anticipate the quality and quantity of cocoa throughout the rainy season. HD Rain covers 10% of their cocoa production in Ivory Coast and provides rain forecasts and warnings for on-site teams as well as data history for strategic teams to anticipate cocoa price fluctuations. To know more about the project, replay of our meetup (french).

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