HD Rain is revolutionizing the weather world by deploying THE second generation of sensors offering high-definition micro-meteorological data allowing better access to information and therefore resilience to climatic events. Our sensors opportunistically provide data from the bottom to the top of the atmosphere precisely from the TV antenna to the top of the troposphere. That way, a network of HD Rain sensors captures rain in 3D on a slanted line of about 5km.

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The individual data are combined in a unique algorithm that allows us to ensure an accuracy of 500m by 500m on all points of the covered area whether a sensor is present or not, iterations minute by minute and a 2h forecast.
In order to obtain the same resolution with rain gauges it would require installing 10 times more!

Parameters of our web application

Many parameters

Rainfall intensity and accumulation, temperature, humidity, pressure.

Customizable parameters of our web application

A customizable platform

Map base, color scale, alert thresholds (SMS, emails), accumulation over catchments.

Screenshot of webapp

A spatialized data

500 meters accuracy, real time minute per minute data and up to 2 hours forecast.

Weather station

Proven reliability of the data

Our team regularly carries out studies with reference data (radar, rain gauges).

We deliver data on:

Water drop for rain

Rain intensity

Rain accumulation

Rain accumulation

Sun for insolation




Barometer for pressure




and many more features to come...

Our sensors in the South of France

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